Getting started

What does ManMade look like?

ManMade tackles different dimensions and values to help teenage boys navigate the journey into manhood with Jesus. Being a man is more than the ability to grow stubble and procreate; it requires a holistic understanding that invades every area of life. We hope that ManMade will help the Church journey with a generation of young males who are wrestling with questions, insecurities and confusion – and that it will give them and you as leaders much enjoyment in recovering Godly manhood. Our three main methods compliment our main statements of building foundations, marking moments and sharpening iron.



The main flagship for ManMade is its values curriculum sessions. This is key to starting any group and understand the importance of journeying into manhood with Jesus.

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Weekend away

Marking Moments

An invitation to take time out and go away to explore and mark this change in status from boyhood to manhood, with the aim to form a ‘rites of passage’ moment.

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Throuhgout our lives we journey with many different people and in our Journey Groups we understand that we need to challenge and support each other.

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Some things to think about before starting…

Forming Groups

    • ManMade is designed for work with groups of 6-12 males and ideally it should be used with mid-teens (15+)
      We recommend this because the aim is not to entertain your lads with activity and large numbers, but to actually form peer to peer conversation. It might be that you need to run two or more sets of groups, depending of the number of lads you have.
    • It can be used for those who are Christians and those who are not
      Although our focus is obviously all about Jesus and the values he brings, our aim is not to alienate but get young lads talking and into peer to peer led community.
    • Individuals need to commit to the whole journey
      Because the aim is not to run a course but to host peer to peer groups, it is really important that ManMade isn’t seen as a flash in the pan event, but as a way of mobilising your lads.

Get the right fit

    • Map out how you are going to arrange ManMade into your youth programme
      Our material is very flexible, and can be stretched from a basic six session course, into a whole year depending how you choose to best work it into your youth work.
    • Plan the Rites of Passage weekend from the start
      This is a key part to that ties everything learnt before and going froward all into one. Make sure the weekend is going to mean something and isn’t going to just be a jolly away.
    • Find male leaders who can mentor your boys and pray for them
      It is key to have other male role-models around your young guys who are there to encourage, relate and challenge them to try and do new things.

more than a course

    • Ensure the groups meet as young men
      Implement ‘Journey’ groups into your youth work from the start. When and who should be meeting together? You might know which lads would be good as a group, or you might need to see how they interact throughout the start of ManMade.
    • Keep running ManMade to build momentum
      It might be once or every other year, but as new guys join your youth work, continue to plug them into the ManMade concept to mobilise a generation of young leaders.
    • Get your lads connected with ‘Rule of Life’ daily challenges
      It’s so important that your lads start to think about a daily rythem of prayer and Bible reading. This can be hard at the best of times, but ‘Rule of Life’ eases them into this slowly, with hopefully long lasting effects.

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