Journey Groups



What are Journey groups?

Journey groups are the heartbeat of what ManMade in essence wants to be growing and mobilising within the Church. We firmly believe that peers meeting up with other peers will have a significant impact on the journey that your young lads will take throughout their faith life. Using ManMade material and combining it within the Journey groups framework, we hope to create space that over time will breakdown barriers, strategically create intentional conversation, and help prompt the lads under your care to take life and faith seriously in a credible way. 

Key Tools used in Journey Groups

ManMade provides you with effective tools, to establish these three qualities, essential for ‘Journey Groups’. Signing up to a ‘Journey’ account is a great place to start for the whole of the ManMade experience.

Peer to peer

Within the Journey framework you’ll learn as a leader how to best set up a peer to peer led group. Boys want to feel empowered and trusted; this is a great way to start to give responsibility to the young guys.


Many lads find conversations in a group hard, and going deep into feelings even harder. But there are ways to get effective conversation flowing. We’ve put together tips and tricks to help build an environment of conversation.


 Commitment is essential. It is really important that they know what they are committing to and want to do it themselves rather than being told to do it, encouraging others in the group to also respect this time together.

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