Groups that move you from boyhood into manhood



Groups that move you from boyhood into manhood

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The Journey Framework

Journey groups are a heart beat of ManMade. We firmly believe that peers meeting up with other peers will have a significant impact on the journey that your young lads will take through their faith life.


What do I get when I register a Journey Group?


First you’ll get a framework that will help structure your boy groups.
Secondly, you’ll gain strategies to efficiently grow and disciple your lads
Third, you’ll be supported in knowing about other fresh resource in boys ministry

Get started today with the basic structure of ManMade and mobilise your Church into more effective, intensional and focused boys ministry.

What Journeys are…

– They are a community

What Journeys are not…

– They are a community

Group Size:

6-8 of them. If you original group was 6-8 then fine but if bigger, during the process, you should have been noticing who gels well with each other and who would be best in a group together.

Peer led:

Depending on age, we are aiming for the boys to grow in leadership together and be accountable to one another. This doesn’t happen if an adult is doing all the leading. Ages 16+ should meet in homes, Ages 13-15 should meeting in church venue with youth leader in background.

Meet with leaders:

(2, a head boy and deputy) They should be aware of timing and material and you need to help them through leading the night ahead of time. This is also a good way to grow your leaders

Lead by praying:

If you are hosting the groups either at church venue or in homes. Although you’re not in the group, you should be around as responsible adult. We suggest being in  another room and take the time to prayer while the evening is going on.

Check list:

Although its peer led, you are responsible for making it all happen from behind the scenes


Use Toolbox to kick off your journey groups with topics to talk about, download character video profiles and keep each accountable with their ‘rule of life’. This should be done at least once a month with other meet up if needed, but study and accountability should be monthly.

Leaders Hub


Be equipped, resourced and inspired to run ManMade

Leaders Hub


Be Equipped, resourced and inspired to run ManMade